Professional BETA Reading

As the author – someone who has spent weeks, months or maybe even years looking over the same manuscript – you may find yourself too close to your work to really pick up on any possible issues or mistakes.

Every BETA reader will offer something different but unless asked differently, this is what I will try to help you with:

I will read through your raw manuscript, usually before your editor or proofreader.

When reading, I will look for any inconsistencies and any unexplained time jumps or gaps as well as any points where you may jump from first to third person (or vice versa).

I will provide chapter notes throughout, letting you know what works, what doesn’t and what could possibly use tweaking, also letting you know how I feel as I’m reading. Do I laugh? Cry? Scream and shout? I’ll keep you informed!

As well as the chapter notes, I will provide an overall review once I finish reading the manuscript.

A BETA reader IS NOT an editor or proofreader, however, I will (if asked/needed) highlight/edit any basic spelling or grammatical errors for a small, extra fee.


Please take a moment to read through some testimonials from some of the authors I have previously had the pleasure of working with.


When I asked you to Beta my book, we were strangers, so neither one of us knew what we were getting into. And now, I consider you a friend. Not only because of your beautiful personality, but also because of your work ethic. Your beta comments were on point, thoughtful, insightful, witty, hilarious and heartfelt.

For anyone reading this, you know a Beta reader is worth her salt when she is able to get an author to see another aspect of a character’s personality, something the author never considered. Tara did this repeatedly, which is why I’ll be eternally grateful to her.

Here’s to you, Tara. 🙂

– Author Tanya Holmes

Tara gets me.

As an author who writes slightly more twisted romances, not always with the outcome one might want or expect- it can be hard to find a good Beta reader who, well, just gets you and where you are going with a story.
It’s hard to find a Beta who, whether or not they like it- can still find constructive criticism to leave the story to its best finished result.

Tara is all of this and more. Her feedback is immeasurable to me because I value her thoughts that much. Stumbling upon Tara may have been one of the best things to happen in my writing career. She is thorough,timely and honest- Beta Trifecta! All the qualities you need and want wrapped up in one fabulous person.

Tara will always, always be my go to Beta. Trusted, tried and true. She will well be worth the investment!

Author K. Larsen

Tara Sharland has ninja-like beta skills. Like, seriously.
Tara has beta read a couple of novels for me and she has been amazing with both. She is always the first to respond and does so with such enthusiasm. Tara is a genius at finding all of the little things that both myself and spell check always seem to overlook. She takes all aspects of your books and characters into consideration and delves deep to help you make them better. I always look forward to her emails as I know they are going to offer insight that will help me move my book to a finished product. I truly consider Tara a wonderful friend that I am always eager to turn to for writing advice.

– Author Taylor L Stimac

Tara Did a great review for my story, leaving me extremely impressed with her honesty, and positive comments on where to adjust certain things. She is truly the best beta reader I have come across and absolutely reliable.

-Author Priscilla Olivier

I recently asked Tara Sharland to Beta read a manuscript for me. She did an excellent job! Her comments were concise and detailed and she went through chapter by chapter with feedback.

Ms. Sharland did exactly what I asked (and more)  by giving me her overall opinion of the story and letting me know what worked and what didn’t work for her as a reader. Her suggestions were perfect and will help me put the finishing touches on my book.

She communicated with me in a timely manner, making this encounter a pleasure.

I highly recommend Ms. Sharland to anyone looking for this service and I look forward to working with her again.

– Author Naomi Bellina

I found Tara through Facebook and her Nerd Girl connections. I checked out her site, saw the recommendations and her affordable rates and thought, “Why not? Give it a go.”
Boy, am I glad I did!
Throughout the manuscript, she puts little notes that help you see the reader’s POV of a character. It’s incredibly useful, because you can shape scenes to better suit or you can leave them alone, knowing the reader’s reaction is just what you wanted. Tara’s work was a revelation for me. She copy-edits, checks for typos and grammatical no-nos, another very handy chore to pass her way, but it’s her comments that really let me know how she felt about the story. And that made me feel secure knowing I’m putting a book on the marketplace that is quality.
As a writer, I know the importance of beta-readers. But finding a good one can be difficult. Especially one who seems to find the parts in your manuscript you’re unsure of and with her comments, reassures you that everything’s A-Okay! (It’s almost spooky! There were five parts I was concerned about… without knowing, Tara commented on them and made me realize my worries were unnecessary. Such a relief!)
Efficient and fast, friendly and down-to-earth, working with Tara is a pleasure. I’ll be sending my next book her way, that’s for damned sure!

-Author Serena Akeroyd



My charge for a standard BETA read is £25/$40.

For a BETA read with basic edits and proofreading: £30/$49.

All payments are to be made via Paypal upon submission of manuscript.

As with reviewing, when I BETA read, I try to stick within the genre and sub-genres I enjoy reading. It is much easier and the feedback will be more reliable.

I prefer to read: YA/NA, Contemporary, Erotic, Adult and Paranormal romance.

If you would like to book a professional BETA read with m,e or have any questions or comments, please email me at:


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