Keeping her loud, redneck family in line for seventeen years has been no easy feat for Charlie Davies, but she’s managed to carve out a life for herself in the quiet crazy of her hometown. That is, until her baby sister announces she’s marrying a country-club boy from the bright lights of Dallas. Charlie’s got two months to defeat her sister’s she-demon Maid of Honor, keep her cousins from ruining the nuptials, and decide whether her one-time, one-night stand Alex Ramirez is worth a second chance.

Alex has thought of almost nothing but Charlie for two years, since the morning he woke up alone in her empty hotel room. Her sister’s upcoming wedding to his best friend seems like the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the girl who got away, but he underestimates her pull on him and soon finds himself torn between love and duty.

With the wedding fast approaching, Alex and Charlie’s relationship will be put to the test. Hillbillies, debutantes, and the old southern divide of rich and poor threaten to keep them apart. One thing’s for sure, it’s about to get interesting in Harlow County.

My Review:

*I received a copy of this book, from the author, in exchange for an honest review.*

Holy freakin’ hotness! Charlie and Alex’s story is a bit of a steamy one, and boy, it is awesome!

I absolutely loved Charlie the whole way through the book! She’s strong, confident, sexy and sassy. She’s so loving and nurturing, and she is not afraid to stand up and fight for her family, I just couldn’t find any flaws in her character at all!

And Alex… well, thanks to Emily’s fabulous descriptives, yes, I rather liked him too! Ha! But seriously, yes Alex is hot, however he is also thoughtful, romantic, charming and witty and is prepared to give up everything for the woman he loves… swoon!

Plus None has a fantastic balance between romance, comedy and serious, heartfelt story line.
Ms Hemmer has such a wonderful talent, it’s truly amazing how in one moment your eyes can be filling up, your nose prickling with emotion and yet, in the next breath, you’re bent over double, holding your stomach, laughing out loud!

You want someone/something to compare Plus None to? Tara Sivec’s Chocolate Lover’s series. Honestly. Emily’s writing made me laugh just as much, a gripping story line, plenty of tension, hot and steamy, but with family love and loyalty having a big part to play, too.

Having a down day? Pick up a copy of Plus None, you’ll soon be feeling better, I promise!!!

5 Stars!!!

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